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David is a prolific author, and an experienced technical and general editor, reviewer and proofreader. He is the main author and editor of the “AVIEN Malware Defense Guide” – published by Syngress in 2007 – and joint author (with Robert Slade and Urs Gattiker) of “Viruses Revealed”, published by Osborne in 2001, and he has contributed  security related chapters to many other books on security and education for publishers such as Wiley, Pearson and Vieweg, as well as a multitude of specialist articles and conference papers.

Avien Malware Defense Guide

This exciting publishing project was undertaken jointly by AVIEN, the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network, and AVIEWS, the Anti-Virus Information & Early Warning System, and published by Syngress. It was reviewed for Virus Bulletin by Martin Overton, and that review is available here.

Please excuse the high PR content that follows.

This book is a guide to managing malicious software and related security issues within the enterprise.

Its uniqueness lies in its partnership between highly experienced, highly qualified corporate security practitioners and the anti-malware research community, as represented by AVIEN.


The book therefore reflects the expertise of security administrators and managers at the customer coalface and the technical and developmental expertise of both industry and independent researchers.

You can get the full PR blast at the Elsevier site.

 AVIEN Guide Table Of Contents.

The contributors are as follows (affiliations are not included unless we have specific permission):

  • Kenneth Bechtel (Team Anti-Virus)
  • Michael P. Blanchard (EMC2)
  • Tony Bradley
  • Henk K. Diemer
  • Ken Dunham (iDefense)
  • Enrique Gonzalez (Microsoft)
  • David Harley (small blue-green world and AVIEN Administrator)
  • Judith Harley
  • Andrew Lee (ESET, and AVIEWS Administrator)
  • Jim Melnick (iDefense)
  • Bojan Zdrnja
  • Dr. Igor Muttik (McAfee)
  • David Phillips (Open University)
  • Paul Schmehl (University of Texas)
  • Robert S. Vibert (Immediate/Past Administrator AVIEN)
  • James Wolfe


David Harley was a contributor to the book on Botnets by Schiller and Binkley published by Syngress, and he co-wrote Chapter 5.

Handbook of Computer Networks

David Harley wrote a chapter on Email Threats and Vulnerabilities (Volume 3) for Professor Hossein Bidgoli’s 3-volume “Handbook of Computer Networks” project for Wiley

Viruses Revealed Viruses Revealed

by D Harley, R Slade and U Gattiker published by Osborne