Privacy Policy

I just use this blog to write articles. It’s not used for e-commerce. I don’t use this blog to collect any sort of personal information about its readers or subscribers, and of course I certainly don’t share or sell on any such information. I do not maintain any kind of mailing list and I don’t send out a newsletter, so I don’t have a reader/subscriber database. The contact form is intended purely to allow readers to contact me if they wish, not to collect information about them. When and if I answer comments or comment threads, that’s as far as it goes: I don’t use them to collect information about people who choose to comment.

When you provide feedback to a WordPress blog, comment, follow or subscribe by email and so on, you do provide information to Automattic/Wordpress as described in their privacy policy. While some of that information is available to me, I don’t actually collect it or make use of it except as described above: I value your privacy as much as my own.

If you have questions, you can of course get in touch with me via the contact form.

David Harley