Mac Virus

Mac Virus is an anti-malware information page created by Susan Lesch in the 1990s, and inherited by David Harley when Susan couldn’t find time to update it any more. He  wasn’t updating it much either, but as Mac malware became a larger part of his life (again), this changed drastically in 2010. In summer 2010, Old Mac Bloggit, the well-known pseudonymous typographical error (apologies to the shade of Spike Milligan) joined the crew for a while.

The site has no connection with or And while both of the contributors worked with security companies on a consultancy basis, this is a vendor-neutral zone. It was not financed or resourced by any security company (though Cybertrust kindly lent us the URL), and opinions expressed here do not represent the views, policies or interests of any company. Or even Small Blue-Green World, since Old Mac didn’t work for us. 🙂

The site is not currently maintained, as I no longer work primarily in the security industry.