Anti-Malware Testing

Back in the Dark Ages (well, between 1989 and 2006), I was much involved in an informal sort of way with testing and evaluating security products – especially anti-virus products – mostly on behalf of the organizations for which I was working: Imperial Cancer Research Fund and, later, the NHS Information Authority. When I left the National Health Service, I started to provide authoring and consultancy services to the security industry, so you might say I became a gamekeeper turned poacher.

For nearly three years I was one of the directors of the Anti-Malware Testing Organization (AMTSO), and was heavily involved with the organization going right back to its formative meeting in Bilbao. Early in 2012, I stepped down from the Board since Righard Zwienenberg had just joined ESET, the AV company I represented within the organization, and two representatives of the same company cannot be on the Board of Directors at the same time.

For much of the time that I was on the Board, I was (somewhat reluctantly) involved in much of the PR for the organization (insofar as there was any PR) and set up (among other things) the AMTSO blog and twitter account. While any member of the AMTSO board (and a few other people) could have contributed to either account, in practice no-one else did. In October 2012 the AMTSO executive team made it clear that neither the blog nor the twitter account were required any longer,. The official AMTSO blog is the one here though at the time of writing, there are no entries more recent than April 2012, and none of the articles I published on the WordPress blog are available there. So the Anti-Malware Testing blog was originally intended as a home for some of those articles, though I (and my colleague from Mac Virus, Old Mac Bloggit) posted commentary there for some years.

So, in case it isn’t already obvious, NONE of the commentary here is (or ever was) made on behalf of AMTSO: my opinions are my own. And views expressed here are not necessarily shared by any other company with whom I have worked as a consultant.

The site is not currently maintained, as I’m no longer primarily working in the security industry.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World